Available since 1991, Cooled ThermoTherapy is a non-surgical minimally invasive office-based treatment used to treat BPH in a single, 30-minute session. Cooled ThermoTherapy uses precisely targeted microwave energy to heat and shrink enlarged prostate tissue while a cooling mechanism protects healthy, surrounding tissue. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and requires local anesthesia and/or oral medications. Within weeks, the majority of men notice improvements in their symptoms and overall quality of life.

More than 200,000* patients worldwide have been treated with Cooled ThermoTherapy. 

* Data on file at Urologix, Inc.


How is the Cooled ThermoTherapy Procedure Performed?

What to expect before Cooled ThermoTherapy treatment:

  • You’ll need to have a physical examination with a urologist trained in performing the treatment. He will explain the treatment to you in detail and answer any questions you may have.
  • Your urologist will provide specific pretreatment instructions such as reducing fluid intake or modifying your diet the day of treatment.

What to expect during treatment:

  • Cooled ThermoTherapy is performed in your urologist’s office. You will be awake during the entire procedure. The treatment itself generally takes between 30 minutes to an hour although you should allow 2 to 3 hours for the entire office visit.
  • You’ll be positioned on a treatment bed in a comfortable position. You may be able to watch television, read a book or listen to music while the treatment is being done. You may be given medication to help you relax before beginning the treatment.
  • To start the procedure, your urologist will insert a flexible catheter into your urethra and position it in the prostate. A soft balloon catheter will then be placed in your rectum to monitor rectal temperatures during the procedure.
  • Once the treatment begins you may experience some discomfort such as:
    – Bladder spasms
    – The sensation of having to empty your bladder
    – The sensation of needing to have a bowel movement
    – A warm or burning sensation in your abdomen
    – Pressure in the rectum

During the procedure, the office staff will do their best to make you as comfortable as possible.

What to expect after the treatment:

  • Arrange in advance for someone to drive you home after the treatment. You may not drive if you receive narcotics.
  • Because the tissue surrounding the urethra may be irritated after the treatment, you may go home with a urinary catheter.
  • You may experience a couple of side effects from the treatment such as:
    – Soreness in the lower abdomen
    – Frequent urination

How the healing process works: 
You may notice no change in your BPH symptoms immediately after treatment. However, your body is actively working to heal itself. In the 6 to 12 weeks after treatment, your body will gradually reabsorb the tissue treated with Cooled ThermoTherapy, and your enlarged prostate will get smaller. As your prostate shrinks, the pressure on your urethra decreases and your BPH symptoms will be reduced. The shrinkage may continue for several months.

Most men start to see improvement in symptoms in 6 to 12 weeks, although this varies with the individual.

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As with any medical procedure individual results will vary. Please consult your urologist for more information.