Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction often can be successfully treated with drugs like Viagra or Cialis. However, in many cases these medications are not effective and Burlington Urology offers the AMS 700 penile prosthesis. We have chosen to offer this device based on its over 90% patient satisfaction rating.

About the Device

The AMS 700 penile implant is three-part inflatable prosthesis that consists of a pump in the scrotum, a saline-filled reservoir in the abdomen, and tubes within the penis that can simulate an erection. When a patient has the device and is ready to have intercourse, he simply inflates the tubes using the pump, thus achieving an erection. When the tubes are deflated, the penis is completely relaxed and maintains its normal shape. The device is both completely concealed and easy to use, which leads to the high satisfaction rate for the patients who use it. Because it very closely simulates the look and feel of a natural erection, partner satisfaction rates for the device are also quite high.

How the Device Is Inserted

One of the reasons we choose to offer the AMS 700 Penile Implant device is the relative ease of insertion. All that is required to place all three parts of the device is a very small incision in the scrotum. This leads to a short recovery time and minimal discomfort for the patient.

Ease of Use

The AMS 700 is not difficult to use. Most patients can learn the process in just a few minutes. The device is inflated when the pump bulb in the scrotum is pressed several times. This causes saline to move from the reservoir into the tubes that inflate the penis. The device is deflated by pressing a release valve on the pump. This causes the saline to flow back into the reservoir, thus allowing the penis to relax.